I followed three blogs that I am interested in. The topics of the blogs represent what I do, who I am, and what I want to be. The first blog I followed is about rap music. The blog has some posts about the author himself, and others where he posts music videos and songs to listen to or watch. I like this blog because I love rap. Actually, I love music in general. I love to dance, sing, and I even write and rap my own lyrics. Some of it can be considered poetry, as that is what I started out writing, but then I put it to a beat and BAM! It was like magic! I fell in love with something and actually found my voice and my passion.

The second blog I followed is a blog on computer science and computer engineering. A lot of the posts on the blog include information that I don’t know yet, but would like to learn. These blog posts will probably be helpful to me in the future because I am a computer engineering major. They focus on and give detailed information about everything from cyber-security to web development to machine learning. This is an interesting blog because I love computers and would like to learn way more about them. The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to be able to help me with my C-programming homework.

The third and final blog I followed has news and opinions on different video games. I love gaming and this blog is perfect for me to research games and find reviews about games that I may not have heard about or been interested in earlier. I also noticed that gaming wasn’t the only topic of discussion in the blog, and that some of the posts contained information and opinions on anime, which is another big interest of mine. I can listen to podcasts concerning a game that can help me decide whether I would like it or not. This comes in handy because nobody wants to waste money on a game they end up not liking or never playing.


Success, Responsibility and Time Management

To be successful, responsibility and time management are two traits a person must have. As kids like me go through college, we learn how to manage our time more efficiently, as well as become more responsible when it comes to everyday things, such as cleaning, and doing laundry.

Since I moved in to college, I can definitely tell that I have become more responsible. Some strengths I have concerning responsibility are getting my homework done in time, doing my laundry, clearing my desk when it seems dirty, cleaning my room, and making my bed. Some of these relate to time management as I try to make sure that I have time to hang with friends or play video games when I’m done with all of my work/responsibilities. Some weaknesses I have when it comes to responsibility may be that I wash my clothes when I have none left to wear(if that’s even a big deal), I don’t read my textbooks for my classes very much even though I should, I don’t study much as well, and sometimes I don’t do my homework until the last minute and hangout with friends first which is the opposite of what I should be doing.

My time management, on the other hand, needs a lot of work. I will admit I have been struggling in this department. My strengths are that I haven’t played a video game in awhile, which has allowed me to occupy myself with homework or hanging with friends. Other than that, time is something that slips away from me fairly easily. Some weaknesses I have with time management are waiting until the last minute to do my homework, and making sure I do things I want to do even though I have things I need to do.

I have tried many apps and ideas that are supposed to help people with time management, but none have helped me very much, and it is not because I did not put effort into the program. What I would like to be able to do is get my work done so that I have free time with friends. I don’t want a schedule per say, since homework isn’t given on a consistent basis, but I want to try to start my work the day it is given.